Market Research

Amber Arch is here to help you ascertain all you need to know about the service you are delivering. We have a number of market research strategies that show how your customers value what you do.

We use the information to help devise the perfect mystery shopping programme for your business, as well as identifying the training needs of your staff.

Exit Polls

As a market research company, exit polls are one of our most effective tools for finding out true customer opinions. They provide first-hand customer reactions along with minutes of the sales experience.

The questionnaires we use are totally bespoke, as our clients are able to select which questions they would like to use. The questions could be based on current training and customer care initiatives, or simply manager requirements.

Customers can be targeted by profile, by purchasing type or can be selected completely at random for a true cross section.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups throw light on the areas where you excel as a business, so you can build on this and ensure customer loyalty by constantly understanding their changing needs and desires.

They also draw attention to those areas where you are failing to meet customer expectations and could be used to explain why they may turn to your competitors instead.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys are another great way of finding out what your customers really think. They allow you to identify the areas that are truly important to your clientele, measuring levels of customer satisfaction and giving a forum for smaller issues to be raised.

Customers want their opinions to be heard and by asking for their feedback, retailers and service providers show that the customer experience is of utmost important to them.

Running such a scheme in house can be a drain on time and manpower resources. That’s where Amber Arch comes in: we’ll work with you to devise a survey that examines your most important elements.

We’ll supply links to our online portal so you can direct customers through mailing lists, website pop-ups and printed URLs.

Once a customer completes a survey, the results are ready to view online, so you have up to date figures at your fingertips. You can find out what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Staff Satisfaction Surveys

The level of customer service delivered is often very closely related to the job satisfaction of employees; if employees are unhappy in their working life, customers will not be a priority.

At Amber Arch, we can manage confidential staff satisfaction surveys, so you can establish the thoughts and feelings of your employees. These are viewable online around the clock.

Improving Market Research

Additionally, we can advise on ways you can encourage more customer responses, maximising the efficiency of your market research. We can also put systems in place to cap the numbers received, ensuring that your market research budget is used to the best effect.

As well as 24/7 accessibility, our comprehensive reporting software allows easy analysis of results, making trends easy to identify and allowing for a clear breakdown of your strengths and areas of improvement.

The biggest factor between competitors after price is the customer service they offer.