Hotels, gyms, swimming pools, theatres, art galleries, bowling alleys, karaoke bars; all of these sectors can be helped by truly understanding their customer experience. Here at Amber Arch, we will work with you to devise the perfect mystery shopping programme in the leisure industry for you and your business. There is no obligation to set up a fixed schedule of visits when you work with us — we work to your needs focusing on providing a first class service. Our reports and summaries are designed around your brand with your colours and logos, so they are truly one of a kind.

All summaries are all included in your quotation; there are no hidden fees for sending these to you or any extra copies you may need. By working alongside us, you can see yourself through the eyes of your customers which will show you how to impress them in the future. We can track trends in your reports over time and show you where you are developing and where you may be falling behind. This will enable you to work on these areas to keep impressing your customers time and time again.

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