Telephone mystery shopping, available here at Amber Arch, is a useful tool to establish how your customers are being dealt with either at store or head office level. Remember, a telephone call may be the first contact between your company and a potential customer and it is vital that a good first impression is created. By ensuring that you leave a lasting positive impression on your customers, you are increasing the chance of them recommending you to their friends and family, which is a step in the right direction for any company.

Our phone mystery shopping programmes provide a detailed insight into the way your calls are answered, the telephone manner of your operatives, the way in which they deal with customer enquiries and the reliability of your business at returning calls. We can record customer wait times, how long they spend on hold and how they are transferred between operators, to ensure your customers are being dealt with as quickly as possible and in the best manner. We can even record calls and embed the audio onto our secure online reports for you to access at any time. All our recorded calls are checked for quality before you receive them, so you are always assured excellent quality.

Telephone mystery shopper services are also very beneficial when used as a part of training initiatives, or to check on customer service training which has already been implemented. You can track your progress using our interactive reporting system, which allows you to look for trends in your results. This will show you where you can improve and where you are already impressing your customers. You will have access to this system around the clock and you can alter the specifications to check your results for any trend or pattern that you wish.

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Customer Service Training

If you’re a business professional, our training department can help you to develop your team, allowing them to achieve their full potential. Whether you have one store and are looking for a sales training course, or 500 stores and are keen to develop your future strategy, we can help you find the best customer service training program to suit your business. On joining Amber Arch, you will have an initial discussion with our customer service training consultants to establish what route you would like your program to take. Rest assured that we develop training programmes to suit your particular business needs. Some of our packages offer a full week of ongoing training in-house, while others can involve large group training sessions and on-the-job coaching. With our independent ideas and resources, we can devise training programmes that make real improvements to your customer service standards.

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Market research

Amber Arch is here to help you ascertain all you need to know about the service you are delivering. We have a number of market research strategies, all listed below, which show how your customers value what you do. We use the information to help devise the perfect mystery shopper services for your business, as well as identifying the training needs of your staff.

Exit Polls • Focus Groups • Customer & Staff Satisfaction Surveys • Improving Market Research

Did you know?

The biggest factor between competitors after price is the customer service they offer...

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