Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Want to experience your service through a customer’s eyes? Or find out what your staff really think? Satisfaction Surveys are the tool for you.

Satisfaction web surveys can deliver a large volume of feedback from actual customers with real-world experiences. They can help you better understand your customers and what is important to them, equipping you to meet their specific needs instead of basing your strategy on assumptions.

Customer Satisfaction.

Our service is based on you and tailored to meet your need, from scoring, scenario and demographic.

Team Advancement.

The impact of watching an interaction through a customer’s eyes is really strong and an invaluable training tool, picking up expressions and nuances that cannot be questioned.

Improved Loyalty

By enhancing the customer experience in the future, customers will be happier. With satisfaction comes loyalty.

QR code delivery can make it easy for customers to let you know their thoughts in real time. Our systems are easy to use and quick to commission – you could start gathering feedback in a matter of days, with direct delivery of feedback to key managers. We have the tools to maximise the results, from unique receipt code recognition to automatic generation of discount codes on submission of feedback.

Inhouse staff surveys are a great way to assess feedback on new systems and training processes, whilst showing your staff their opinions are important to you.

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