Care Homes Mystery

Finding the right residence for a loved one is one of the most important decisions many people will make and it’s important that your customers get the best impression from the start. The shoppers who undertake our care home mystery shopping services here at Amber Arch will make the initial telephone enquiry then visit the home for a tour of the facilities. In some cases, our visits are totally unannounced and we have a tour without any home preparation so you can get a real feel of what is happening in your residences.


We can provide a detailed report of the visit to your care home, which is designed based on your needs and focuses on any areas that you feel are important. After an initial visit you can make changes, as your results may uncover an area that you want to particularly focus on. Changes to the reporting criteria can be made at any time and are free of charge ,— o our focus is on delivering a mystery shopping service that is tailored to you. We can carry out competitor visits with detailed comparison, which can pin point areas where you may be falling behind and losing out on potential new residents.



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