Restaurant & Bar Mystery

Whether you operate a large chain of 5* restaurants or a single independent café, Amber Arch’s bespoke restaurant and bar mystery shopping programmes can help assess your customer experience, including recorded calls for reservations. You may only want to examine service or perhaps the food and drink too; rest assured we can do it all. Working with us, you can develop a report which is suited to your needs, focusing on the areas that you feel are most important.


There are an overwhelming number of reasons why people to choose to eat or drink at a certain location. By getting a true insight in to the customer experience, you can see why you are attracting customers and show areas where you may be putting a customer off returning in future. We can help you avoid those bad reviews which can lose a lot of potential custom with our detailed reports. We spend longer proof reading and checking our reports than any other company, as we are proud of the quality and accuracy of the information we present.



Working across all sectors since 1995, the reputation of Amber Arch is second to none.

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