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Your data at your fingertips

Data at your fingertips

All completed reports on our system are visible on our fully secure portal, accessible only by those with login in credentials. These are permission based, meaning a store manager may only be able to see his store, a regional manager only see her region, and so on, with other key personnel given access to all results. Your portal will be bespoke to your company, fully branded and showing a wealth of summary and analysis data, tailored to your exact requirements and accessible 24/7, with results updated in real time.

Customer Satisfaction.

Our service is based on you and tailored to meet your needs.

Team Advancement.

We provide a service which determines your teams’ individual needs to ensure bespoke training and reporting unique to your teams needs.

Improved Productivity.

Enhance everyday productivity, retain your loyal customers or gain new ones, our service can help you to do this.

Our portal utilises the wide ranging and powerful functionality of Dragon. Want to compare performance over time, even down to a single question? Dragon can do that. Want to see top and low scorers at a glance? Dragon can do that. Want to identify areas of strength and weakness quickly? Yes, Dragon can do that too. Dragon can even be linked direct to your device for instant access to results.

Combining all these features means that our portal can be a one stop shop for all your research data. Compare and collate mystery shopping results with customer satisfaction feedback. Track which managers have rectified issues whilst keeping an eye on reviews posted online. Gather all the data relating to one store or region on one page – mystery shopping, customer satisfaction, social media, manager audits – Dragon really does make your life easier!



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Mystery Shopping packages.

All our mystery shopping services, as well as the reports that go with them, are fully bespoke to you.

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