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As either a successful or struggling business, you may be wondering how mystery shopping can help you. An anonymous shopper will not only uncover invaluable information about your strengths, but also where you’re going wrong. This information will prove essential in building on and developing your existing thriving processes, and also helping you to alter and improve any failing or less successful areas. Here at Amber Arch, we provide the services to professionally discover and effectively feedback vital data on how your company is perceived by the most important people – your customers.

For business owners, gaining an understanding of the ability of their staff in terms of customer service is crucial. It’s a much repeated fact within the retail sector that a customer will tell two friends if they have a good experience, and if they have a bad experience they will tell seven. For restaurants, the customer service provision can be just as important as the quality of the food itself, which is why introducing mystery shopping is such a great way of keeping standards high.

Are you a natural observer who spends time people watching? Have you got a good memory as well as the ability to communicate with and understand people from all walks of life? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then Amber Arch, specialists in mystery shopping, may be able to offer you an exciting way to make money. If you’re currently out of work, or are looking to make money in addition to part time employment, then it’s worth considering becoming a mystery shopper with us.

Although the news in August suggested that there’s been a strong retail sales growth and there have been reports of improving industrial exports, which offered a ray of sunshine for retailers in the aftermath of the recent recession, there is still a lot that retailers can do (and not just the large High Street names, but small independent shops) to beat the recession and improve their profit. One of which is by taking advantage of the tailor made mystery shopping services offered by us here at Amber Arch.

No matter what your business, it is essential that your team consistently provides above-average levels of customer service. The only way you can accurately examine the level of customer service your business is providing is through the eyes of the customer. At Amber Arch, we provide bespoke mystery shopping programmes to any sized business, ensuring the programme is tailored to deliver the specific feedback you need.

Becoming a mystery shopper with Amber Arch isn’t as hard as you may think, though it does require a certain skill set. You’ll need to be alert, have a great memory and be able to critically analyse your experiences.

Hiring the services of a mystery shopping company can prove to be an invaluable experience. Maybe your business is losing out on competition to rivals, and you cannot work out why, or you simply wish to build on the service which you already offer. Here at Amber Arch, we have developed a comprehensive series of techniques in order to assess the effectiveness of the level of service which your business provides. Gaining an objective point of view from an outsider will provide you with an honest and accurate reflection of how your company operates, allowing you to build on its strengths, and work on its weaknesses.


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