Interactive Management Reports

Ensure that your staff get the most from mystery shopping reports with our interactive reports. At the most basic level these can require a manager to add feedback directly onto the report on screen but can also request action plans and note training needs from multiple layers of the management team.

Customer Satisfaction.

Our service is based on you and tailored to meet your needs.

Team Advancement.

We provide a service which determines your teams’ individual needs to ensure bespoke training and reporting unique to your teams needs.

Improved Productivity.

Enhance everyday productivity, retain your loyal customers or gain new ones, our service can help you to do this.

We also offer Kaizen Action Plans, a one stop shop for remediation. These create a centralised area to discuss and address problems as identified in mystery shopping reports, with targets for action and email triggers to alert staff to incoming deadline. Key managers are given access to the portal where actions can be noted, photos uploaded to demonstrate compliance and feedback. The rate of remediation can also be tracked, a useful KPI. Contact us to talk about how the system could help you.
Want to have all of your store and branch data in one place? Our system can also store any internal audits, giving managers the access to fill these out on any device and include the results instantly.


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Mystery Shopping packages.

All our mystery shopping services, as well as the reports that go with them, are fully bespoke to you.

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