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In an online world, step ahead of the competition by ensuring your service is market leading.

Your bespoke mystery shopping solution.

We know that every retailer is different and therefore we provide a service which matches your individuality and is created to meet your needs, whether that is:

Customer Satisfaction.

Our service is based on you and tailored to meet your needs.

Team Advancement.

We provide a service which determines your teams’ individual needs to ensure bespoke training and reporting unique to your teams needs.

Improved Productivity.

Enhance everyday productivity, retain your loyal customers or gain new ones, our service can help you to do this.

Online & Mail Order Mystery Shopping

Online shopping is convenient, efficient and time effective and is used by millions of consumers around the world. But what do your customers think about the online services offered by your company? Do your orders arrive on time, addressed and delivered correctly? Is the item as per its description? How effective is your returns policy? Our online and mail order mystery shopping programmes here at Amber Arch will provide you with an insight into your customers’ experiences online.


Choose us for online and mail order mystery shopper services and we will provide you with vital information, from accessing your website to ordering products online, cancelling orders, booking/cancelling appointments and simply checking out the ease of navigating your website. We can also test and monitor your social media channels – quickly becoming one of the main ways that people communicate, it is vital that you are impressing your customers with quick and detailed responses on these platforms as well. With a fully comprehensive report we can show you your service from your customers’ perspective. Your results will indicate the areas that you need to focus on to amaze your customers and we can track your progress in these areas as well as overall using our interactive reporting system. Whether you are looking to monitor something specific or you would like advice on what you need to look for, we can help you set up a mystery shop which will present crucial information on how you can surpass your competitors.

A bad experience can make a customer unsure of using your service again. Using our online mystery shopping programmes, you can reduce the chance of losing customers and instead gain more!


Working across all sectors since 1995, the reputation of Amber Arch is second to none.


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All our mystery shopping services, as well as the reports that go with them, are fully bespoke to you.

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