Comprehensive Mystery

All our mystery shopping services here at Amber Arch, as well as the reports that go with them, are fully bespoke, ensuring that you get exactly the information most valuable to your business.

Your bespoke mystery shopping solution.

We know that every retailer is different and therefore we provide a service which matches your individuality and is created to meet your needs, whether that is:

Custom reports

Each assessment has its own bespoke checklists, specifically designed to find out exactly what you’d like to know.

Assessments you can trust

Every shopper is hand picked for each assignment, and fully briefed before any assessments are undertaken. Our first class QA team ensure our exacting standards are delivered first time, every time.

Comprehensive Reporting

All completed assessments are available on our secure portal 24/7, alongside a wealth of tools to track performance at all levels.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Our comprehensive reports are available 24/7 for your convenience. We take pride in our work and always aim to deliver the best quality that we can. There is no other company which dedicates as much time as us per report, just to ensure you are getting the most accurate and detailed report possible.


Working across all sectors since 1995, the reputation of Amber Arch is second to none.


Mystery Shopping packages.

All our mystery shopping services, as well as the reports that go with them, are fully bespoke to you.

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