Video Mystery

With maximum impact and training power, video mystery shopping allows you to view the customer service experience first hand.

Your bespoke mystery shopping solution.

Have you ever wanted to experience your outlets as a customer? The customer view offered by our video mystery shopping assessments here at Amber Arch is second to none and can be provided with or without a fully scored and narrative report should you wish. Our videos are embedded into secure online documents, meaning that you can watch the action 24/7, wherever you wish, rather than having to distribute DVDs companywide. However, if you would prefer your videos in another format, we can do this for you.

Customer Satisfaction.

Our service is based on you and tailored to meet your need, from scoring, scenario and demographic

Team Advancement.

The impact of watching an interaction through a customer’s eyes is really strong and an invaluable training tool, picking up expressions and nuances that cannot be questioned.

Improved Productivity.

By enhancing the customer experience in the future, customers will be happier. With satisfaction comes loyalty.

Video mystery shopper

The training benefits of video mystery shopper services are also huge — how better to demonstrate where improvements can be made than by showing staff exactly what the customer sees? By seeing exactly how the interaction flowed, you can point out exactly where the gaps may be in the service that you offer. Should you be greeting people quicker? Are your staff noticing when a customer needs help? Are they showing off their product and brand knowledge? Are they picking up on opportunities to close the sale? Video mystery shopping is a great incentive for your staff to show off their skills and increase their productivity every day.

We have specialised video mystery shoppers who are able to record their visits using state-of-the-art covert equipment. We ensure that the video shopper is able to provide high-quality sound and video footage before they undertake any video visit for us, so that you are guaranteed to see everything that you want to in the visit.

Video mystery shopping is quickly becoming the future of mystery shopping with a wide range of industries taking part including retailershousingautomotive, fitness, leisure and many more. Why not see what our service could offer you?


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All our mystery shopping services, as well as the reports that go with them, are fully bespoke to you.

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