Charities Mystery

We offer a range of charity mystery shopping services here at Amber Arch catered to meet your needs. Face to face mystery audits are a great way to ensure your fundraising teams are following the IOF guidelines. Watch your teams in action by utilising our video mystery shopping service, or perhaps you would just prefer to hear them and have an audio visit. Of course, standard written reporting is also available. When working with external agencies on street/private site fundraising programmes, it’s essential that you understand what is being said to potential donors and how. We have a wide breadth of experience of measuring such programmes. Our mystery shopping services can show you where you may be losing out on potential donations and supporters, as well as how to increase the trust between your charity, the IOF and your supporters.


Currently used by a number of charities, anything, from mystery shopping their stores and rehoming centres, to assessing their street, online and telephone donation teams, can be arranged. Are your regular supporters being kept updated? Are your retail staff providing excellent customer service? Is your website easy to use? Are your call handlers making the most of potential enquires? Are your rehoming centres showing how much you care? Our bespoke charity mystery shopping programme can track your progress and highlight any trends that appear in your results. With 24-hour access to our interactive reporting system, you can easily see areas where you excel and areas that need improvement. If you would like to change your reports at any time and have our dedicated mystery shoppers look for something different during their visits, we can do this for you. Our service is dedicated to you.


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