Satisfaction Surveys & Social Media Monitoring

Katie Paterson
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Our Customer and staff satisfaction surveys have never been as popular in the work place as they are today. More and more companies appreciate how important it is to measure the service that they are delivering. They want to ensure that they are doing all they can and our online satisfaction surveys are a quick and cost efficient way to find out. In a world of high staff vacancies, your staff and internal customers also need to be looked after, feel valued and content in their role, and using a customer satisfaction survey is a great way to check you are doing just that.

Every client that we work for chooses their own questions and the kind of answers they want. Sometimes, it is a simple yes or no, sometimes a sliding scale or graded, we can even do traffic lights or smiley faces. Answers can be scored and analysed on our online portal, and text answers can be exported for manual context. The surveys can be shared via a link or a QR code and can have as many or as few questions as you wish. It is a great way to see how you are doing with both your staff and your customers, quickly and inexpensively. Of course the results can be fully integrated with our mystery shopping reports, allowing you see all of your data in one place, 24/7.

If shoppers don’t have an outlet to feedback, they can often share a bad experience on Facebook or a review site. This is where we come in with our social media monitoring.  We scan a wealth of relevant sites and pick up all reviews, good and bad, whilst also monitoring if your location details have been kept up to date. This is the level of service today that people are wanting and expecting – correct details online and immediate reaction to their issues. Hard to do but with our monitoring, you are at least one step nearer by knowing what is happening on social media. It is so worth investing a little bit of time into getting your monitoring up and running, then have some staff at your end ready to action the feedback once it starts coming in. Let the experts take the strain and measure your performance, allowing you time to deliver the best performance possible for all your customers. Happy customers are loyal customers – this fact has never changed!